The Art of Insight

Like art, insight is about presenting
and bringing information to life in
an emotive and engaging way.

Focusing on how the audience feels is how art connects and evokes an emotional response.
Insights and information are no different. Focusing on the response they evoke is the first step to inspiring action.
Like the artists studio, this studio is one where collaboration and discovery exist and where insights and ideas are formed.

How Can
We Help?

Discovery And Illumination

Qualitative research in the field and at the desk using a mix of classical and contemporary methods (interviewing, group discussions, online and offline) useful when you need help getting closer to your people or understanding your brands and businesses.

Workshop design and facilitation

Tailored sessions designed to help you and your teams unlock and present insights and ideas that will make the business sit up and listen.

Insight muscle

When you need some heavy lifting with a project or just another pair of hands.


On the phone, face-to-face or online – for those times when you need help to think inside, outside or on top of the box.

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What You Get

A nimble working structure where flexibility is a way of doing business. It can be me or we depending on what you need.

Highly skilled, experienced and intuitive moderation. So you can trust the process.

Creative and strategic thinking. You benefit from our experience working with some of the world’s biggest and best brands.

Fun, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to do great work with great people.

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A qualitative specialist, Vivienne has worked with a range of impressive brands such as McDonald’s, Pernod Ricard, Nestlé and IAG.
Vivienne is a disciplined yet creative thinker who has experience tackling a variety of business and marketing issues. She has collaborated with brands and agencies helping to uncover both business and consumer insights and opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.
Vivienne graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a BA hons in Business and Sociology and superb social skills. She is an associate Member of the AMSRS. Prior to establishing Insights & Ideas Studio, Vivienne was a Senior Account Director at GALKAL. She has recently relocated from Sydney to San Francisco.