Dr Vicki

Hall & Partners |
Open Mind

"The most effective working relationships with independent researchers are those where they can demonstrate an ability to roll up their sleeves and integrate seamlessly into the team. On both engagements with HP|OM Vivienne immersed herself in the projects, quickly establishing herself as integral team member, a strong strategic thinker and a engaging and professional brand ambassador for HP|OM"

Vivienne’s strong interpersonal skills and her ability to develop rapport with both internal and external teams is a powerful asset. On both projects Vivienne brought technical expertise, yielded rich insights and worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for HP|OM and their clients. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her"


Director of Innovation
Right Angle Studio

“Vivienne is an exceptional qualitative consultant who gets under the skin of the issues. She is smart, intuitive and an outstanding facilitator. She worked with Right Angle on two research projects and brought a wealth of experience and creative ideas about how to structure the research, how to stimulate responses and analyse the insights. If you want to know what people think of your brand or of a particular issue, Vivienne is the best partner you could hope for. I highly recommend her.”


Camino Research &

“Viv is a talented qualitative consultant, with the energy, attitude and skill to tease out nuances with even the trickiest business problems. Her approach is grounded in sound qualitative methodology and structure, coupled with creativity and a fresh perspective, which makes her an asset to any project. Watching her work, it is evident that she is passionate about what she does - always keen to bring insights to the next level in category/ consumer/ brand understanding.
Both projects that Viv has worked on with our client have yielded rich consumer and category insights, which succinctly bring the 'a-ha!' moment to life in a crisp, clear manner. From excellent facilitation and research design, to being a key collaborator, Viv has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her as a strategic partner.“